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Draytek Vigor2926 Dual WAN Gigabit Broadband Router Firewall 50xVPNs 2xGigabit WAN 4xGigabit LAN 3G/4G USB 16xVLAN IPv6 & IPv4 2yr wty


- Gigabit Ethernet Broadband Firewall Router

- USB ports for 3G/4G USB mobile, FTP server, network printer and Temperature Sensor

- Web Content Filter support keywords, URL and HTTP/HTTPS content filtering

- 50 VPN Tunnels (including 25 SSL VPN tunnels)

- Capable VPN Backup & Load Balance

- External Device Management for VigorAP series/VigorSwitch series

- Integrated FDD LTE modem and backward compatible to 4G connection (L models)

Vigor2926 Series is the Dual WANs broadband security firewall router. The 2 USB ports are for 3.5G/4G LTE mobile broadband access. With the multi-WAN accesses, Vigor2926 series routers provides flexible and reliable broadband connectivity for the small business office. The VPN backup and VPN load balancing assures business continuity via multi-WAN connection to the Internet. The bandwidth management, Quality of Service, VLAN for flexible workgroup management, User Management for authentication, Route Policy, Central VPN Management, Central AP Management and Firewall serve your daily office network to bring in more business opportunities.

- Flexible LAN Management

- Comprehensive Firewall

- Enterprise-Level VPN

- Centralized Management

- Flexible Network Management

Draytek Vigor2926 Dual WAN Router Firewall

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