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Powershield Automatic Transfer Switch - 3KVA


The PowerShield Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is designed with two independent power inlets to supply power to the load from a primary or secondary power source. Should the primary power source fail, the secondary will automatically supply power to the connected equipment. The transfer time from one power source to the other is seamless to the connected equipment. Automatic Transfer SwitchAfter switching to a secondary power source, the ATS can also switch power back to the primary input when power to the primary input is restored.

•Critical load (server) has reliability of two independent power sources .
•Ideal for ensuring reliable power to critical devices that have only a single power supply
•User selectable power source from front panel.
•Dual power supply for redundancy.
•Provides seamless power switch for IT equipment.
•Highly reliable 19″ (1RU) rack design to fit into diverse working environment.
•Built-in USB and RS232.
•AS400 dry contacts included.
•SNMP remote monitoring option available.
•Two year warranty.

Powershield Automatic Transfer Switch - 3KVA

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