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PowerShield VoltGuard 1500VA / 750W AVR - 750 Watt Voltage Stabliser. No internal batteries


The PowerShield VoltGuard AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) will automatically maintain a safe voltage level to protect sensitive electronics. This cost effective, compact device will provide a constantly regulated output voltage, ensuring that your sensitive electronic equipment is always receiving voltage within an acceptable range. The VoltGuard also has over voltage and under voltage protection included as standard, which will turn off the supply to your equipment when the utility voltage moves out of the safe range.
The VoltGuard’s compact design offers three power outlets together with a voltage regulator, ideal for protecting voltage sensitive equipment such as home office equipment. It is also designed for use with home electronics equipment such as televisions, stereos and home theatres as well as modems and telephone equipment.
The VoltGuard will provide stable power to connected devices by boosting and bucking the input power. It provides best surge protection in its class, to protect against transients.

Very wide input voltage range
Excellent output voltage stability
Includes surge and spike suppression
Extremely fast response
Provides over-voltage & under-voltage protection
Provides over-temperature and overload protection
Stylish enclosure with Australian outlet sockets

PowerShield VoltGuard 750W AVR - No internal batteries

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